Wilderness FIrst Aid Certification Course Online

The School of First Aid’s Online Wilderness First Aid courses covers over four dozen topics using concise, to-the-point presentations, illustrations, demonstrations, and downloadable handouts. This course is an entire Wilderness First Aid Course that you can enjoy without spending an entire weekend in a classroom.

Students in Over Four Dozen Countries

Outdoor Professionals, Search and Rescue, Volunteers, Adventurers,
People Who Desire to be Prepared.

Be Prepared for the Ultimate Test

Our training philosophy is based on self-efficacy. That is, instilling in you the competence and confidence to provide first aid in a medical emergency and continue to provide care until the patient is handed off to medical professionals.

Unlike legacy Wilderness First Aid courses, you will not be trained just to pass a written exam at the end of the course. As a student at the School of First Aid, you will be trained for the ultimate test – when you are the only thing standing between the patient and the grave.

In a study of students attending legacy Wilderness First Aid courses, it was found that just four months after graduating, no members of the study group were able to successfully pass a complete WFA skills assessment. (Hard to believe? Read the study here.) Legacy Wilderness First Aid courses do not provide you with the knowledge retention resources to help you remember what you learned. The School of First Aid provides you with over a half dozen resources that you can use to stay fresh and current after you complete the course.

Compare the difference between the School of First Aid and Legacy Wilderness First Aid Training Providers.

ResourcesSchool of First AidLegacy Wilderness First Aid Training Providers
No Written Exams – Skills practice-centric curriculum allows you to focus on learning first aid instead of cramming for a written exam.YesNo
Complete the Course Anytime. No Time Limit to Complete the CourseYesNo
Virtual Reality Skills Practice – Practice WFA skills on a virtual patient on your computer, phone, or tabletYesNo
Access to all course video presentations on your phone, tablet, or computer for three yearsYesNo
Access to all course video demonstrations on your phone, tablet, or computer for three yearsYesNo
Workflow-centric textbook that walks you step-by-step through the patient care process, increasing your knowledge retention and reducing mind-numbing reading. Learn more about the textbook here.YesNo
Online textbook – Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOSYesNo
App version of the textbook for Apple and Android smart devices. Resident on your device – network access is not required.YesNo
Digital, blockchain secured, Wilderness First Aid CertificationYesNo
1:1 Student-to-Instructor RatioYesNo
Weekly Instructor Office Hours on ZoomYesNo
Email and phone access to the instructorYesNo
Money Back GuaranteeYesNo

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course for any reason, I will gladly refund your money within thirty days of purchasing the course.

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If your employment requires you to be WFA Certified, this course is for you. The course includes a skills practice required for a WFA certification. Complete the online portion of the course and the virtual skills practice and receive your WFA Certification by email. Learn more about the Virtual Skills Practice here.

The Wilderness First Aid Course covers all of the topics in a traditional, onsite Wilderness First Aid Course. Download the curriculum here.

Primary AssessmentSoft Tissue InjuriesAbdominal Pain
Secondary AssessmentBleeding ControlAbnormal Breathing
SAMPLE HistoryAmputationsAllergic Reaction
Vital SignsImpalementsAltered Level of Consciousness
Moving PatientsFriction BlistersAltitude Sickness
Patient RollsFrostbiteAnaphylaxis
Recovery PositionBurnsAsthma
Lifting PatientsBrain InjuriesChest Pain
SOAP NotesLightning InjuriesHeat Illnesses
Evacuation GuidelinesMammal BitesHypoglycemia
Musculoskeletal InjuriesHypothermia
Gunshot WoundsInsect Bites and Stings
Open PneumothoraxShock
Arm SplintingSnake Bites
Leg SplintingStroke
Spine ClearingViral and Bacterial Infections
Wound Cleaning and Care

Online Wilderness First Aid Course

What Course Graduates are Saying

Your book is considered essential!! It is next to water, shelter, and fire lol! 

You made this experience so much better than the crash course that’s offered through my work. I know I’m more prepared and confident! Your book is considered essential!! It is next to water, shelter, and fire lol! Won’t go on any adventure without it. Thank you for taking the time and making all these resources available. Because of you, I’ll be able to confidently guide and make sure the clients on our trips are in good hands! I’ll be back in 2 years for my recertification!
– Tawny M.

The best WFA course ever. 

This is the best WFA course I have ever taken. I have taken WFA 3 times in the last six years and this is by far the best. Jeff does not waste your time with war stories. He gets right to the point explaining each concept in a way that everyone can understand.
– David K.

I loved this course! 

I truly loved this online wilderness first aid course so very much and would for sure take it again!
– Marlee S.

Thank you 

Thank you for the great WFA course and experience. I learned a lot and will recommend it to anyone who is looking for this experience/course.
– Caleb J.

Excellent course 

Again, I can not compliment you enough for your excellent material and your awesome personality.  You were a pleasure to meet, work with and learn from.   I was nervous but after a few minutes felt so comfortable and confident.    I will be purchasing your course for some of our staff who take our kids backpacking in the next few months.  Again, thank you for all you are doing! 
– Matt K.

Great course and textbook 

The Wilderness First Aid Made Easy course has given me confidence that I can handle emergencies that may arise in the wilderness. While providing certification, in-person courses have left me feeling overwhelmed and anxious that I wouldn’t remember to do the right thing. Jeffrey Imel’s book, carefully guiding the Wilderness First Aid provider with checklists for dealing with a range of challenges, combines beautifully with his online presentations: I am equipped for any difficulties or crises in the great outdoors!
– Mary Ellen A.

This course is a game changer! 

This course is a game changer. Every first aid course I have taken involves reading a book, watching a PowerPoint during a long winded lecture, taking lots of notes and then figuring out how to put it all together when I need to use the first aid training. The textbook using the workflow diagrams makes a complex and multi-step subject easy to understand and remember. Your video presentations are to the point and didn’t waste my time. The book is going in my backpack and I downloaded the app to my phone. Thanks much for this course.
– Mike C.

Enroll Now and Get Started

No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the course for any reason, I will gladly refund your money within thirty days of purchasing the course.

Questions? Please reach out to the instructor here.

The School of First Aid is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Schumann, S. A., Schimelpfenig, T., Sibthorp, J., & Collins, R. H. (2012). An examination of wilderness first aid knowledge, self-efficacy, and skill retention. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, 23(3), 281–287. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wem.2012.04.005