When you complete the online portion of the Virtual Wilderness First Aid course, you will be directed to the Virtual Skills Practice. 

The Virtual Skills Practice is your opportunity to practice the skills you learned in the online portion of the course in an interactive, virtual environment. I make the skills practice fun and stress-free, and the virtual reality practice scenarios included throughout the course will prepare you for the Skills Practice. Most students complete the Skills Practice in less than 30 minutes

The Virtual Skills Practice is open book and open notes.  You can refer to the Wilderness First Aid Made Easy textbook (Online version or App). You will practice your WFA skills using the workflow diagrams in the book to successfully treat a patient.

Upon completing the skills practice, you will receive your Wilderness First Aid Certification in your email within a few minutes. The email includes a link to your blockchain-secured Wilderness First Aid Certification that you can download to your phone, download and print, and links you can share on your LinkedIn and social media accounts. You can also share your certification with any organization that requests proof of your certification.

The Virtual Skills Practice Consists of Two Parts

Part 1. Practice identifying and treating illnesses and injuries.  You will work on five story problems where you will be provided with the patient’s SAMPLE History, Vital Signs, results from the Primary and Secondary Assessment Physical Exams, and when needed, pictures of actual injuries. You will use the workflow diagrams in the Wilderness First Aid Made Easy online book or app, and what you learned in the course to identify injuries and illnesses and provide a treatment plan for the patient. You can retake the practice problems in Part 1 as many times as you wish until you pass all five story problems.

Part 2. Practice interviewing a patient and completing a SOAP Note. Using your computer, phone or tablet, you will interact with a virtual reality patient. You’ll interview the patient, take their SAMPLE History, Vital Signs and perform a Physical Exam. Using workflow diagrams in Wilderness First Aid Made Easy and what you learned in the course, you will diagnose the patient and create a treatment and rescue plan. You will record everything on a SOAP Note that you can download and print, or you can create your own SOAP Note using a blank sheet of paper. You can retake this practice session as many times as you wish.

Receive Your Certification. Once you complete the Skills Practice you will automatically receive your certification in your email. If you have not received your certification in a few minutes, please check your SPAM folder, and if not there please email me here.

Additional Resources to Help You Prepare for Your Virtual Skills Practice

Instructor Office Hours

I hold Instructor Office Hours every Tuesday evening at 8 PM EST to answer questions, discuss WFA concepts and prepare students for their Skills Practice.  Office Hours are not mandatory.  Please feel free to register for any Tuesday. If  8 PM EST is an inconvenient time, please let me know and I am happy to schedule some times that work best for you. It is important to me that all students have the opportunity to really learn and absorb first aid training so that they will feel confident and competent when they need to provide care. When you register for the course, you will receive a registration link for the Office Hours in your course introduction.

Please reach out to me with your questions at jeff@schooloffirstaid.com. I am here to make sure you are successful in earning your WFA certification. I look forward to working with you.


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