"This Book Makes Wilderness First Aid Easy"


Wilderness First Aid Made Easy is the only Wilderness First Aid book that replaces pages of text with intuitive, easy-to-use, workflow diagrams that present first aid in the order that it is used in real life situations. The workflow diagrams walk you step-by-step through the entire patient assessment, injury and illness identification and treatment process. Watch the YouTube video on the book here.

Wilderness First Aid Book


This Book is Your Step-By-Step Road Map to First Aid in the Wilderness

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy is radically different in that it is workflow-centric. The information is presented in the order that it is used and is illustrated using graphical workflow diagrams. This format is vastly different than traditional, topic-centric books where the information is presented in no particular order and you are required to “put it all together.” The workflow diagrams illustrate every step of the injury and illness identification and treatment process and maps patient care from beginning to end.


This Book and Your Smart Device is a Wilderness First Aid Course in Your Hands

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy is a hybrid format Wilderness First Aid book that blends both paper-based content with online content. Every workflow diagram has a QR Code. Scan the QR Code with your phone or tablet and a video presentation or demonstration from the School of First Aid Wilderness First Aid course will play on your device. This book covers all the topics in a traditional Wilderness First Aid course. View the Table of Contents here.

The book weighs 4.6 oz (130 grams). If you don’t want to carry a paperback book with you, then carry Wilderness First Aid Made Easy on your phone or tablet. Purchase the app version here. Apple App StoreGoogle Play.



WFA Students

Prepare for your upcoming Wilderness First Aid Course by reviewing the book and hybrid content before class. During the class, spend more time focused on the course and less time distracted by note taking. You’ll feel confident during the skills practice and assessment portion of the course because you came prepared.

WFA Graduates

Did you know that one hundred percent of those graduating from Wilderness First Aid courses forget most of what they learn after only a few months. (Hard to believe? Read the study here.)  The problem is that all Wilderness Medical Schools still use obsolete topic-centric textbooks which hinder learning and knowledge retention. Wilderness First Aid Made Easy will allow you to effortlessly review what you learned and keep your knowledge fresh.

Those Who Desire to Be Prepared

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy and your smart device equals a Wilderness First Aid Course in your hands. Enjoy learning WFA using the interactive content available through the QR Codes on each page of the book.


Jeffrey S. Imel, WEMT, NREMT
Emergency Medical Services Educator

As an Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT), I have authored five authoritative texts on emergency first aid. I possess a suite of instructor certifications spanning First Aid, CPR/AED, First Responder, and Wilderness First Aid. Additionally, I hold an advanced certification as a Level II NFPA 1041 Emergency Medical Services Instructor.

My professional mission is dedicated to the advancement of public knowledge in pre-hospital emergency medicine. I specialize in empowering individuals without medical backgrounds with the skills and confidence necessary to administer first aid during medical emergencies and to provide continued care until the arrival of healthcare professionals.


Embarking on my journey into Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification, I was immediately struck by the daunting challenge of assimilating an extensive volume of critical information in a mere two-day, sixteen-hour intensive course. The experience felt akin to trying to drink from a firehose without drowning. Despite successfully earning my certification, I left feeling neither confident nor competent in my ability to administer first aid effectively.

Recognizing the necessity for a more digestible approach to this vital training, I took the initiative to distill the complexity of Wilderness First Aid into clear, concise workflow diagrams, adhering to the industry-recognized Wilderness First Aid Scope of Practice.

My journey did not stop there. In pursuit of my WFA Instructor certification, I immersed myself in six different WFA courses over three months. This experience solidified my observation: many students were as inundated and frustrated by the information overload as I had been. Sharing my workflow diagrams with students, the overwhelmingly positive response inspired me to compile these insights into “Wilderness First Aid Made Easy,” now in its sixth edition.

My educational philosophy is grounded in self-efficacy; fostering not just the competence but also the confidence to effectively respond to medical emergencies in the wilderness, ensuring care continuity until professional medical assistance is available. Unlike traditional WFA courses that focus primarily on exam preparation, my aim is to prepare students for real-world scenarios, equipping them to be the crucial link between an incident and professional medical intervention.