Three Things Every Wilderness First Aid Instructor Knows and Won’t Tell You

You'll Be Completely Overwhelmed

The number one complaint of all Wilderness First Aid Certification students attending an in-person course is they are unable to keep up with the pace of information being delivered in the class. WFA is a two-day, sixteen-hour cram session to prepare you for a written test. You will feel like you are drinking from a fire hose and attempting not to drown. You’ll be given a two hundred-plus page Wilderness First Aid book you’ll sit through dozens of presentations and demonstrations, and then be expected to put it all together yourself.

You Won't Be Able to Capture and Retain Everything You Learn in the Course

You will spend most of your classroom time taking notes and multitasking listening to the instructor. You won’t be able to capture all the information being thrown at you. Unfortunately, you need to capture and retain everything. Providing first aid in a wilderness environment is a lot like baking bread. If you forget one step of the recipe you will end up with bread. Forget one step in first aid and you’re patient may not have a positive outcome.

One Hundred Percent of WFA Graduates Can’t Pass a Skills Assessment Only Months After Graduating

One hundred percent of WFA graduates forget what they learned in class.  Hard to believe? Read the study here. Seventy people certified in WFA were asked to complete a skills assessment after only four months after graduating. No one successfully completed the skills assessment.  This is a clear example of being taught to pass a written exam and not being trained for the ultimate exam when you are the only thing standing between the patient and the grave.

How to Ace Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid Made Easy and your smart device puts a Wilderness First Aid Course in your hands. This book will not only prepare you for your WFA course, but during the course, you can use the workflow diagrams to guide you through the entire patient assessment, injury and illness identification, and treatment process.  After you graduate, the book will serve as a reminder tool to keep your knowledge fresh. QR Codes on each page of the book allows you to view every presentation and demonstration on your smart device.

Purchase your copy here or learn more about Wilderness First Aid Made Easy here.

Wilderness First Aid Book

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